Genome Informatics Consulting LLC was founded and is led by Dr. King Jordan.  Dr. Jordan is Associate Professor in the School of Biology and Director of the Bioinformatics Graduate Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He combines an educational background in Biology and Genetics with more than 15 years of experience in Bioinformatics. 
Before coming to Georgia Tech in 2006, Dr. Jordan trained at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and taught at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Jordan’s research group (http://jordan.biology.gatech.edu) conducts investigations in bioinformatics and genomics with an emphasis on the analysis of large data sets towards the understanding of the molecular and genetic determinants of human health. His research efforts involve both the development and application of computational tools specifically tailored for genomic sequence and functional genomic analyses.  Dr. Jordan leads a team of five ad hoc bioinformatics scientists and developers who possess domain expertise in an number of different areas.
The company was started at the request of partner institutions for whom Dr. Jordan was already consulting.  These groups wanted a way to deepen and formalize the intensely collaborative relationship that had already helped them to make the most out of their large-scale biological data sets.  In keeping with this founding spirit, Genome Informatics Consulting strives to maintain its profile as a 'boutique' consulting agency.  That is to say that we are most interested in establishing a limited number of key collaborative relationships, as such a narrow focus allows us to provide custom bioinformatics solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients needs. 
Genome Informatics scientists are also actively engaged in the development of bioinformatics and genomics capacity in Latin America.  The Latin American branch of the company is led by Dr. Augusto Valderrama-Aguirre from the Universidad Libre in Cali, Colombia.  


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